The use of trusscore panels in the commercial sector – Duramax panels

Commercial wall and ceiling coverings are common as businesses have found a solution to protecting the interiors. Vinyl is mainly used in construction to manufacture pipes, shades and indoor panels. The products have benefits like no other, which is why their popularity is escalating. There are different types of wall panels in the marketplace. Choose the right kind depending on the business and the condition of your commercial interior space. All trusscore PVC panels do not have the same quality. It differs from one company to another. We recommend you install premium quality panels for complete protection. 

Customized PVC panels

There are companies that design panels in the US but few are renowned. Shortlist those and then again you find one among those. Take adequate time, research, ask people, compare prices and finally settle for one. Not all panels are trusscore in nature. These are manufactured by certified specialists and by using truss expertise. PVC panels are suited for humid business interiors as it helps to protect and uplift the aesthetics. The trusscore technology produced is when science and engineering work hand in hand. These vinyl panels can be customized for usage across different commercial hubs and industries. 

Installation within 7 – 8 hours

The installation process of trusscore panels is simple and does not involve much expense. The vinyl sheets are fixed to the studs on the walls with the help of hidden fasteners. The panels are reusable so this is again good news. There are no backers, so the panels do not soak in moisture and humidity. The panels have tongues and channels in an interlocking pattern. This helps in a quicker installation process. The total time taken for the installation process is just 7-8 hours which means the process is completed quickly. One contractor can install the panels inside a unit without hiring additional labor. 

Long-lasting vinyl panels

Taking care of the PVC panels is not a chore at all. Cleaning the panels does not involve extra expenses. You can wash the panels anytime without thinking of moisture seepage. Wipe the panels with a damp cloth and a mild cleaning agent. The products are long-lasting, they have a shelf-life of 45 years to 50 years. 

Shop online for vinyl panels

Install PVC panels to safeguard your commercial interior from humidity, abuses and impacts. You can save about 40% of the material and 50% of the labor expenses. Duramax panels are installed across industries that include car washes, grow rooms, shipping containers, meat packaging units, breweries, and more. You can go through our website for extra information on PVC panels. Shop online for wall and ceiling panels. 

Final words

Duramax Trusscore panels require a single-time investment. They are installed for once and do not require further replacement. The products are shipped from the factory in the US to your site directly within a time of 2 weeks. Please book a consultation and we do not charge anything for it. You can ask for a free panel sample to check the quality. Request a quote.