The use of trusscore PVC panels in the commercial sector

Vinyl is used to make plastic wrap, pipes, shades and finally, they are great as wall coverings. So vinyl must be having ample advantages that make it so demanding. Statistics say that around three-quarters of vinyl that is manufactured is used in the building sector. 

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is heavily used in the commercial sector, especially where moisture badly affects the interior. So here is how you can save your hefty investment by spending one-time installing trusscore vinyl panels. Yes, you could call it a permanent solution to arrest the effects of dampness. But are you ready to invest in panels that would remain intact for almost 45-50 years or even more? 

Low maintenance and long-lasting 

 The composition of vinyl makes it exceptionally long-lasting. The lightweight nature of PVC does not make the panels any weaker. The PVC panels have mechanical strength and sturdiness. They are resistant to any abrasion and offer strength when used in building applications. The panels require little maintenance to stay as good as new for pretty many years. Who would not like to invest one time in wall and ceiling panels and experience the benefits? The panels require very low and occasional maintenance. Wipe the panels occasionally to keep them clean and wash them when required without fearing that the panels would absorb moisture. 

Why trust Trusscore technology?

Do you wish to invest in PVC panels to replace those old wall coverings? Trusscore is the implementation of nano-technology that is combined with the finest craftsmanship. The panels designed to implement truss technology are durable and have a high amount of resistivity. 

Trusscore vinyl panels are the perfect alternative to plywood, drywall, plasterboard, tiled concrete, FRP, stainless steel panels, lightweight and PVC siding. They are used in grow rooms, car washes, commercial kitchens, food processing, breweries, stables, fisheries, meat processing units and more.

ASTM-certified trusscore panels 

 PVC panels are made from 100% virgin vinyl and have water-resistant qualities. In addition, they have an anti-bacterial coating that prevents the formation of mold and mildew on their surface. Premium quality panels are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified, and FDA-compliant. Vinyl panels are lightweight, non-porous and support attic insulation loads. We have a quality analysis team that ensures premium panels are shipped to your site. 

The two colors of vinyl panels available 

Trusscore panels are available in two colors – grey and white. Both the shade gives a clean and elegant look to your commercial interior. In addition, the vinyl panel is light-reflective, which means they can equally distribute the reflected light. This lowers your energy bills which is a long-term saving. Light-reflective panels are ideal for growing rooms where the distribution and amount of light is an important factor. 

Trusscore panels are easy to install

They are made from tough polymer formulation, including fact sheets and an insulated core. They have grooves and tongues in interlocking patterns for better resistivity. The panels are simple to install without any additional costs. A single local contractor can install the panels in some 7-8 hours. 

Final words

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