The use of waterproof and chemical resistant Trusscore vinyl panels inside a laboratory

Do you have plans of making the laboratory walls chemical resistant? Also, a laboratory cannot maintain its hygiene if the walls are not well-maintained. A lot of people find emulsion paint as the cheapest solution. Painting and repainting do not offer much hygienic walls between the coats. Gloss paints are not usually applied on the walls. Also, acrylic or emulsion paints can easily absorb liquid.
Vinyl is a material that is being used for manufacturing wall and ceiling panels. This material is the brainchild of constant research and implementation of advanced technology. Vinyl panels are now extremely popular in the USA, these panels are used for commercial and residential purposes. PVC is now one of the most effective moisture-resistant materials available in the market.

ASTM certified vinyl panels

Trusscore is a modern technology where vinyl panels are manufactured combining science and high-quality raw material. The panels are ASTM-certified, have 100% waterproof qualities, do not attract bacteria and have fire resistivity. We design wall and ceiling Trusscore panels implementing the Truss technology.

Durable and flexible vinyl panels

Trusscore vinyl panels are durable and have a lot of flexibility. These PVC panels are used in vehicle wash places, kitchens, bathrooms, restrooms, food processing units, grow rooms, schools, restaurants and so on. Trusscore panels are extremely long-lasting, a panel can remain in great condition for almost 100-140 years.

Long-lasting vinyl panels

Also, the vinyl panels can remain in great condition without repairs for 40-45 years. You can imagine how much you can save by not having to repair or re-install panels. Vinyl panels do not show any signs of delamination with ageing, also keeping the walls in great condition.

Vinyl panels do not need backers

Trusscore panels are simple to install inside your laboratory, one contractor can complete the process within a few hours. Customers do not require investing in buying any other additional materials for the installation. Vinyl panels do not have backers so the panels do not absorb moisture into the panels or the walls.

100% virgin and non-porous vinyl panels

Trusscore panels are made of 100% virgin vinyl, this ensures premium quality panels. PVC panels are resistant to moisture, dirt, chemicals and animal waste. It is non-porous and helps drain water easily facilitating a clean and dry look. If there is sufficient ventilation, there would not be any toxicity.

Easy to clean and sterilize vinyl panels

The toughness quotient of these panels adds up to the cost-effectiveness aspect of the vinyl panels. The panels are easy to maintain because daily cleaning is not important. Wipe the panels with damp cloth and soap to keep the interior clean. PVC panels are easy to sterilize and the anti-static vinyl panels keep contaminants out.

Trusscore vinyl wall panels offer an economical way to segregate the laboratory in many cleanliness avenues or you can also make dust-free areas in an unsystematic workspace. Our modular panels can create a barrier for modifications inside the laboratory as well.

Invest in vinyl panels

Do you wish to invest in premium Trusscore panels inside your laboratory? We can customize panels according to your requirements and budget. For more information related to PVC panels, you are welcome to surf our website. Request a quote and ask your free sample.