Trusscore Panels Provide Incredible Solutions At A Budget-Friendly Price

The dampness inside your office can prove to be detrimental to employees’ health. As vinyl panels are waterproof, they can keep moisture away from your walls and ceilings. The unique design of Trusscore panels will offer durability and strength to your property. Our Trusscore panels are of superior quality as we make them with extruded PVC vinyl.


Where To Install The Panels?

Due to the numerous benefits of Trusscore PVC panels, you can also install them in the following places:

  • PVC Trusscore wall & ceiling board panels are perfect for agricultural applications as their antibacterial properties help meet sanitary standards and requirements.
  • Most commercial units need durable, long-term, non-corrosive, and hygienic solutions, which these PVC panels can easily provide.
  • The panels manufactured by VinyWallPanels are humidity, chemicals, and mold resistant. These are ideal products for your greenhouse growing facility as they are not affected by humidity. The Trusscore panels are quite easy to clean as well.
  • Many people prefer using Trusscore PVC panels for their home workshop, laundry room, and garage. By installing these panels, you can avoid the hassle involved in painting and coating drywall joints frequently.
  • If your business depends on moisture-free commercial interiors, Trusscore PVC panels will be the right fit for you.

Some Features Of Our Trusscore Wall & Ceiling Board Panels

  • To ensure the finest quality, we use 100% virgin PVC to make Trusscore Wall & Ceiling Board panels. Our panels’ are easy to install horizontally and vertically because of their tongue and interlocking groove system. Our panels are perfect for internal applications.
  • We make our PVC panel sheets from excavated PVC. Its inner ribs offer exceptional durability and strength. Our linear wall panels can help you achieve efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • You can transform your interiors with our bright Trusssore Wall & Ceiling Board. Our panels do not turn yellow over the years. Additionally, the vinyl wall panels will not swell, delaminate, or warp. With our light-reflective wall panels, you can also lower your energy bills. These panels distribute the reflected light equally, which makes it easier to save electricity. You will not have to spend a huge amount of money on maintaining your Truscore panels.
  • Trusscore Wall & Ceiling Board panels are available in various lengths. We can also provide you with customized solutions for your unique needs. As per the ASTM E84-18 Standard, our PVC panels have a Class A fire rating. You will not have to worry about debris and dirt damaging or contaminating the panel surface. Our panels are also impervious to animal waste and chemicals. These Trusscore PVC panels prevent bacterial infestation and mold and mildew growth. Places like laboratories, medical institutions, and food processing units that need to maintain an optimum level of hygiene prefer to use our PVC panels.

Why Choose VinyWallPanels?

Our Trusscore PVC panels are USDA, AFIA, and FDA certified; we do not compromise on the quality of products and ensure that they last the end-user for a long time. These panels can beautify any place and give a professional vibe to your commercial space. As installing our panels is a simple and straightforward task, you will not have to hire contractors to do the job for you. To learn more about our products and services, contact us today.