Trusscore Panels – Wall and ceiling panels that last forever with 100% moisture protection

Wall dampness is one of the biggest concerns faced by residential and commercial property holders. Wall paints and tiles do not serve the purpose of protecting the walls from dampness. FRP panels are also not effective enough to curtail wall dampness. You need high-quality Trusscore panels for ensuring 100% protection from moisture and humidity. Having waterproof walls and ceilings is of paramount importance as water can severely damage the walls in the long run. Investing in Trusscore PVC panels is a smart move for numerous reasons.

Certified wall and ceiling panels

The Trusscore panels are FDA-compliant, ASTM-certified and CFIA-certified. The certified panels are ideal for usage in food processing units, grow rooms, dairy parlors, restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms and various other applications that need protection from moisture. The certifications ensure the quality and safety standards of the panels, which is legitimate proof of the panel’s efficiency. The high-performance panels also go through a rigorous strict quality check from the manufacturer’s end before delivery. Quality checks are essential to ensure high-quality wall panels get shipped to the customers.

100% waterproof 

Not all wall panels are 100% waterproof. FRP panels need wooden backers, adhesives and mounted rivets to attach themselves to the walls. The wooden backers absorb moisture and with time, the walls and the panels both get ruined. Wall and ceiling panels need to have 100% water resistance and that’s why Trusscore PVC panels are ideal. The panels made with 100% virgin vinyl repel moisture and liquids, ensuring dry and clean walls and ceilings. These PVC panels have the unique Truss technology that ensures outstanding strength and durability to the panels. Trusscore panels are a one-time investment and 100% waterproof.


Maintaining wall panels is a huge hassle. Not with Trusscore panels. The premium quality PVC panels are extremely easy to maintain. You would need to wipe the panels with a soapy damp cloth and clean away the stains. However, regular rigorous maintenance is not necessary. The panels are bright, white and light reflective. The vinyl panels distribute lights equally at all corners of the place. The panels stay clean for the longest time and are extremely durable.

Lightweight and easy to install

PVC wall and ceiling panels are lightweight and the installation is simple and easy. The panels have studs and hidden fasteners that attach themselves to the walls. With no external hardware, the panels have a smooth surface and look aesthetically appealing. The vinyl panels require no backers or adhesives, making the installation simpler for the skilled labor. The panel installation is a one-person job and you can double up the speed by hiring two people.

Get custom-made Trusscore panels – Tailored exclusively for your application 

You can customize the vinyl panels as per specifications. One size does not fit everyone and custom-made panels serve the purpose better than ordinary ones. We offer a free sample for your application. Book for a free consultation and allow our team of experts to connect with you. Request a quote. Connect with the professionals for your customized Trusscore panels.