Trusscore panels – Wall coverings you won’t regret installing

Not all wall materials offer resistance against moisture, bacteria, mold, and microbes. After a few years, most wall panels peel off and absorb moisture through the wooden backers. Of course, we are talking about the traditional FRP panels that are susceptible to callbacks and mold easily. FRP panels are great, but most businesses are skeptical because of their drawbacks. Commercial spaces are now looking for high-quality wall panels made from 100% virgin vinyl that would last long and are strong enough to withstand high impacts. At this point, you should start investing in Trusscore panels. Here are a few reasons why Trusscore PVC panels are worth the investment. 


The Trusscore panels are non-porous and have no wooden backers to absorb moisture. The 100% virgin vinyl panels do not absorb water but shed off the excess moisture. The water-resistant quality makes the panels ideal for commercial wet and moist places. 

Mold-free and anti-bacterial

Excess moisture can lead to the infestation of mold and mildew. The nasty smell inside the commercial chambers is because of mold growth and bacterial infestation. The Trusscore PVC panels are waterproof and restrict the growth of mold, microbes, mildew, and bacteria. The smooth wall panels have no crevices for harboring hidden bacteria, dirt, debris, or filth. The panels are FDA-complaint and meet the standards of ASTM and CFIA, making them ideal for hospitals, laboratories, nursing homes, and shelters. 

Easy to clean

Trusscore panels are white, bright, and have a pristine professional appearance. The panels are resistant to most chemicals and can be cleaned with a damp cloth and detergents. You can even bleach the PVC panels to maintain their pristine-looking luster. PVC panels do not require deep cleaning. Just regular upkeep with a soft damp mop is enough. In addition, the panels don’t fade and are resistant to stains. 

Simple installation

Installing PVC panels is a one-person job and might take only 7 to 8 hours. However, you can double the speed by hiring more people. The DIY PVC kits have a user-friendly installation guide that makes the job simpler. The PVC panels don’t require additional materials or skilled labor for the job, thereby saving time, money, and effort. The durable panels have studs and hidden fasteners, making the installation simple yet tough.


Vinyl panels are cost-effective. It’s because these panels are extremely durable and can last for 45 years without needing repairs, refinishing, and replacements. In addition, the vinyl panels require 40% less material and 50% less labor costs upon installation. All these lead to greater savings in the long run. The added advantage is that PVC panels are not vulnerable to water vapor and can survive humid conditions inside commercial kitchens, grow rooms, and so on – without delaminating, peeling off, rotting, or absorbing moisture.

Wrapping up

Get the high-quality Trusscore panels installed inside your commercial space in just two weeks. The customized panels come at factory-direct prices to your location. In addition, you can ask for a free PVC sample for quality testing. We also provide a no-obligation quote. Connect now.