Trusscore PVC panels – a combination of science and technology

Humidity and moisture in excessive amounts give birth to dampness. Prolonged dampness leads to irreparable damage to the walls and ceiling. Choose to install wall and ceiling coverings if you own a commercial or residential space where moisture accumulates. Science and technology have undergone immense development so now there are waterproof coverings available in the market. Vinyl panels from renowned manufacturers are made from 100% virgin/pure raw material and have many advantages. The quality of vinyl panels is a major factor and this is why you need to get in touch with a renowned manufacturer. Many companies manufacture panels but you must do adequate research to ensure that you get premium panels with all the advantages. 

Customized vinyl panels according to your requirements

Trusscore panels are manufactured using truss technology which is a combination of science and craftsmanship. Trusscore panels are extremely durable and are 100% waterproof. The panels are 100% waterproof and have an anti-mold covering to protect the panels if they are exposed to prolonged moisture and humidity. Trusscore vinyl panels do not attract bacteria, mold, or mildew. The panels are chemical-resistant and have a 1-hour Class A fire rating. The vinyl panels are available in ½ inch thickness, the width is 16,” and the length can vary among 10″, 12″, 16″, 20″, and customize the length. Vinyl panels from the renowned manufacturers are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. 

Save on your energy bills by installing light-reflective PVC panels 

The panels come in white and grey colors. Also, the panels are impermeable, non-porous and can be recycled. Trusscore panels do not contain any toxic elements. PVC panels have light-reflective properties. The vinyl panels can equally distribute the reflected light, which means you can save more on your energy bills, which means more savings in the long run. PVC panels are used in residential walls and ceilings, agricultural facilities, meat packaging plants, food processing, car washes, schools, marinas, healthcare facilities, commercial kitchens, bathrooms, supermarkets, laboratories, and Laundromats. Vinyl panels are designed keeping in mind the hygienic guidelines and the statutory building codes in the United States.

Simple and inexpensive installation

Trusscore panels are simple and least time-consuming to install. One expert local contractor can install the panels within 7-8 hours. Vinyl panels do not require backers, ensuring that the wall and the panels would not be affected by moisture. No additional materials are required during the installation. Post-installation, the vinyl panels have a longer shelf life of almost 50 years or more. 

Final words – Request for a quote

Vinyl Wall Panels are an apt alternative to plasterboard, plywood, drywall, FRP, tiled concrete, stainless steel, etc. Install Trusscore panels to create a functional and professional space where moisture and humidity cannot cause any damage. You can save 50% of the labor costs and 40% of the material costs by installing PVC panels. In addition, the panels come with a limited lifetime warranty. First, visit our website to know everything about vinyl panels and the disadvantages of FRP panels. Then, reach the Duramax team and experts for a consultation. Request for a quote and ask for a free sample.