Trusscore PVC panels – a long-term solution for commercial walls and ceiling

Are you looking for a wall or ceiling covering that will be a long-term solution? FRP Panels have failed to be long-lasting and this is why many customers are replacing those old panels. Trusscore panels can even last for a century and this is why they are a lifetime investment.  Panels made from premium quality raw vinyl can last for almost 45-50 years without showing any signs of damage. We suggest installing Trusscore PVC panels around the wall and ceiling of your commercial interior to keep it well-maintained. PVC panels are giving a tough competition to the FRP Panels.

Simple cleaning and maintenance

Vinyl panels do not require daily maintenance and cleaning. Trusscore panels cannot endure tough cleaning agents, acids, bleaches and abrasives. Use a damp cloth and a mild cleaning agent to wipe the panels clean. You can use mild bleach or dry cloth to wipe the panels or wash them when required because the panels do not attract moisture.  PVC panels have a smooth surface that does not attract dirt or impurities or does not allow bacteria to thrive beneath its surface.

Duramax PVC Panels – Trusscore PVC panels

PVC Panels give your commercial interior walls and ceiling a professional look. Duramax has been designing Trusscore panels for more than 40 years in the USA. The quality of the panels depends on the quality of raw vinyl that is used. The lightweight panels made from 100% raw vinyl are ideal for heavy commercial use. They are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. We design PVC panels in the USA for industries including car washes, grow rooms, commercial kitchens, restaurants, meat packaging units, riding stables and more. Trusscore panels are made from the truss technology by combining science and expert engineering.

Trusscore panels are waterproof, anti-mold, chemical-resistant and fireproof. The PVC panels are covered with an antibacterial layer on its surface that prevents mold and mildew. They have a 1-hour and Class A fire grade and the panels do not react to chemical agents. The panels are also CFIA and USDA-certified. Duramax products are run through several checks before shipping to the site. Vinyl panels are resistant from abuses and impacts.

Final words

Duramax PVC Panels are popular in the market whereas FRP Panels are gradually becoming obsolete and outdated. Now it will be easy to say goodbye to delamination issues like water infiltration and compromised aesthetics. PVC panels is a modern solution that has made its way in the market. Save almost 40% on material cost. The panels are long-lasting and do not require replacement. Duramax offers a $ 250000 money back guarantee.

The trusscore panels are shipped to your site directly from the factory within 2 weeks. Place your order faster for direct shipping. Visit our website for more information. Please get in touch with us for a free project-related consultation. Refer to our website for more information on PVC panels and you can shop online from our inventory. Ask for a free sample—request a no-obligation quote.