Trusscore PVC Panels: A Must For Your Dairy Room

It is important to ensure that dairy rooms are hygienic, as they have high moisture content, making them susceptible to mildew and mold. As dairy rooms store dairy products, you need to keep them clean and safe at all times to prevent chances of food poisoning. The ceiling and walls of your dairy room can get damaged by moisture. A damp atmosphere is also quite harmful to the laborers working in your dairy room. By using Trusscore PVC panels, you can maintain the environment of the room.


Renovating Your Dairy Farm

If you plan on renovating your dairy farm, you should only use premium quality materials that are long-lasting and offer value for money. It would be best to choose waterproof materials for your dairy farm that protects your property against excessive moisture and dampness. The moisture content should be adequate for an ideal milking environment. VinyWallPanels offers quality Truss Core Wall&CeilingBoard that you can use for the interiors of your dairy farm or any other damp area. These Trusscore panels will prevent the walls and ceiling from rotting and corroding.


Trusscore PVC Panels vs. FRP Wallboards

People have been using FRP wallboards in moist environments for a long time. However, as compared to vinyl, FRP is not as long-lasting and protective. FRP requires high maintenance as it shows signs of delamination over time and rots quickly.

People also prefer Trusscore panels as you can install them easily on your own. By asking a friend to lend a helping hand, you can avoid labor costs altogether. On the other hand, you require at least two professionals to install FRP, as it is a complex procedure. Unlike Trusscore PVC panels installation, you will need adhesive and also have to fix backers. The interlocking grooves and tongues make the installation process smoother for vinyl panels.

Even though these panels cost more than FRP, they are cheaper in the long run, as they do not require frequent replacements, repairs, and maintenance after installation. They are significantly more durable than FRP and also retain their look over the years. Your Trusscore PVC panels will not delaminate or be prone to callbacks.


Popularity Of Trusscore PVC panels

Due to its light-reflective quality and water resistivity, Trusscore panels are steadily gaining popularity. You can make your panels more water-resistant by adding a silicone sealant in the middle. This way, water vapors will not be able to enter the panels. As a result, the products inside your dairy will remain safe.

Trusscore’s PVC panels can be cleaned by only using water and light detergent. You can even use a soft wet cloth to wipe off the dirt and stains from its surface. Light-reflective Truss Core panels will also help you cut down on your energy costs. You can get PVC panels of a suitable size and thickness for your commercial unit or home. Our panels can have a lasting impact on your business. Request a free sample panel today.