Trusscore PVC panels – An effective solution to control the effects of dampness inside commercial and residential spaces

If you want to make your residential or commercial space waterproof, consider investing in PVC panels. They are utilized broadly both in private and business areas and are ideal for insides that are influenced by dampness due to excess moisture formation. Furthermore, abundance dampness causes bacterial and mold development. When there is dampness inside a room, the whole environment starts deteriorating. All you need to do to restore the health and hygiene of the room is by installing waterproof Trusscore panels. Rely on Vinyl Wall Panels for a solution in the USA. 

PVC panels are made of Poly Vinyl Chloride, which forms the core and is sandwiched between face sheets. The ribs in the panels make an interlocking framework that makes the panels durable and longer-lasting simultaneously. Because of the material, the panels are impervious to water infiltration. Our panels are suitable for installing a wall or roof covering to keep the interior dry.  

PVC panel is an alternative to FRP:

PVC panel is an alternative to FRP, Drywall, steel, and tile concrete. Our vinyl panel is a combination of high-quality material and science. Our Trusscore PVC panels are designed keeping in mind the state guidelines and hygiene rules of modern-day construction. All panels are made adhering to the building codes in the USA. Trusscore panels are known for toughness and durability mainly because our panel is made from 100% virgin vinyl, the purest form of vinyl. 

Trusscore panels were introduced in the year 1872. and now it has come a long way, and there has been a lot of development since then. Most manufacturers are now preferring Truss technology. Now, it is considered the most advanced walling and roofing solution. 

Best quality panel:

Quality is a crucial factor, and we ensure that what you get is the best quality panel. The panels are checked for quality at our manufacturing unit and then dispatched to your doorstep. All manufacturers do not make the same quality panels, so it is very important to choose a manufacturer. Vinyl Wall Panels offers high-quality items, and we have so many clients who are very satisfied with our panels. We can advise you to look for a reputed manufacturer in your area. 

Defined with trendsetting innovation:

The Trusscore boards in the USA are defined with trendsetting innovation and that makes the panels unbending. The inflexibility of the vinyl panels offers sturdiness to the panels. PVC boards are made for use in a vehicle wash, business kitchen, markets, food processing plants, restrooms, and so on. Our panels are a long-lasting solution; the vinyl panels can last for almost 40-50 years without showing any signs of delamination. If you install PVC panels once, it’s a lifetime solution and you do not need to reinvest. 

It is very easy to install our panels; the process only takes a few hours to complete without additional materials and labor. The panels are white, bright, and very simple to clean without any rigorous and daily maintenance.

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