Trusscore PVC panels are being used in the residential as well as the commercial sector

Vinyl is used to design panels that are suitable for installing inside humid interiors. Before vinyl panels came into the market, property owners were concerned about the effects of dampness. Wall paints and tiles are not a long-term solution for dealing with dampness. Now vinyl panels are widely used across residential and commercial sectors. There are various types of vinyl panels and many manufacturers in the USA. Trusscore PVC panels are made from truss technology which is a high quality and durable solution. Choose a renowned vinyl panel manufacturer in the USA so that you have premium-quality panels on the walls and ceiling. 

Premium-quality vinyl panels 

Trusscore PVC panels are made from 100% pure vinyl which gives long life to the panels. Quality is the most important factor when you are looking for vinyl panels for humid interiors. The panels are used in homes, food processing units, grow rooms, dairy parlors, restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms, and various other applications that need protection from moisture. The high-performance panels go through a strict quality check from the manufacturer’s end before the delivery. Quality checks are essential to ensure high-quality wall panels get shipped to the customers. Our PVC panels are ASTM-certified and FDA-compliant. The certifications play an important role in ensuring safety and quality standards. 

Low maintenance and light-reflective panels

Trusscore PVC panels require very low maintenance, and no regular cleaning is needed. The panels have a smooth surface that does not attract bacteria and a lot of impurities. The premium quality PVC panels are extremely easy to maintain. You would need to wipe the panels with a soapy damp cloth and clean away the stains. The trusscore panels are easy to install mainly due to their lightweight nature. The panels have studs and are hidden, which do not require any backers during the installation. The installation is inexpensive as you do not require investing in any additional materials. One skilled contractor is sufficient to complete the installation within 7-8 hours. You can hire two people in case you wish to speed up the installation. 

Vinyl panels are light-reflective, which means the panels are capable of equally distributing the reflected light. This helps to save a considerable amount of your energy bills. In addition, PVC panels are white, rendering a clean and fresh look. 

What do you think about the cost of PVC panels?

Invest a slightly higher amount in purchasing Trusscore PVC panels, and it would last for many years. The panels have a shelf life of more than 100 years, but they can remain in great condition with minimal maintenance for almost 40-45 years. PVC panels are a lucrative deal, in the long run, having no maintenance costs, no heavy installation charge, and never look old. 

Get customized vinyl panels

We offer to customize Trusscore PVC panels for all industries and your home. We offer panels for walls and ceilings that are specially tailored for your requirement. The panels are available online, and you can refer to our website for more information. We offer a free sample for your application. Book for a free consultation and allow our team of experts to connect with you. Request a quote.