Trusscore PVC panels are heavily used in the residential and commercial sector

Vinyl is greatly used in the commercial and residential sector for manufacturing wall coverings, plastic wrap, pipes, and other insulated panels. Did a question ever ring in your mind that why vinyl panels are being used in almost every sector? PVC has tremendous advantages that many other materials do not have. 

Statistics say that around three-quarters of vinyl that is manufactured is used in the building sector. PVC panels are ideal for internal use, mainly in spaces where moisture takes a toll. The wall and ceiling coverings are excellent and an affordable choice. In this blog, we shall discuss more trusscore PVC panels. 

Certified Trusscore Panels 

Trusscore is a modern construction method that combines science with craftsmanship. This new concept is changing commercial and residential construction by implementing nanotechnology. Although all panels are not the same, they differ in terms of quality. Now, the quality changes according to the manufacturer and the raw material. Premium quality panels are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified, and FDA-compliant. Quality PVC panels are made from 100% virgin vinyl and support attic insulation loads. The PVC boards are an ideal replacement for traditional wall panels. 

Easy to clean PVC panels 

Trusscore panels are the perfect alternative to plywood, drywall, plasterboard, tiled concrete, FRP, stainless steel panels, lightweight and PVC siding. Our panels are used in grow rooms, car washes, commercial kitchens, breweries, stables, fisheries, meat processing units and more. Duramax panels are available in two colors – grey and white. The vinyl panel is light-reflective, which means they can equally distribute the reflected light. This lowers your energy bills which is a long-term saving. The trusscore panels are very easy to clean and do not require regular maintenance. You can wash the panels easily without worrying about water seepage. 

Interlocking Trusscore panels 

Trusscore panels have grooves and tongues in interlocking patterns for enhanced resistivity. The interlocking pattern features a multiwall structure offering more durability and strength. Trusscore PVC panel is made of a strong formulation of polymer that consists of a face sheet and a core made of adjoining tubes and an equilateral triangle that is cross-sectional in shape. In addition, there are inner triangular ribs that are extruded between two faces. 

Simple installation process

Installation of vinyl panels is easier without any additional costs. One contractor is sufficient for installing PVC panels inside a whole unit. The time taken to install panels is 7-8 hours. Hire a local contractor, or you can do DIY if you have prior experience. 

Install Trusscore panels 

 Do you own a space in the basement or a commercial one where dampness is an issue? We suggest installing a trusscore PVC panel all over the space. We manufacture affordable panels because PVC only seems to be expensive initially. The panels do not require any repairs in about 40-45 years. The panels retain their great look and functionally for many years. On the other hand, FRP Panels are less expensive but delaminated a lot faster due to dampness.

Final words

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