Trusscore PVC panels are ideal for maintaining the interior of a brewery or beverage unit.

Do you own a beverage processing unit or a brewery? It requires a lot of investment to set up the interior and the machinery, labor, and the entire setup. Maintaining the production environment’s hygiene is crucial as there are governing bodies that conduct inspections at regular intervals. So how would you take care of your beverage production factory or brewery? These units are full of fluids daily, so you can imagine the amount of moisture that accumulates inside everyday. The moisture gradually leads to damp and damaged walls.

Install waterproof panels inside your brewery

There is no other suitable solution than installing vinyl wall panels. Trusscore PVC panels are waterproof, and they can also arrest the growth of bacteria on the surface of the walls and ceiling. Trusscore panels are ideal for use in residential and commercial interiors to keep the interior dry. Our manufacturing team manufactures panels implementing truss technology and expertise. Installing our panels is an affordable way to get rid of dampness issues.

The various uses of Trusscore vinyl panels

Trusscore panels are manufactured from 100% raw virgin vinyl, which adds to the product’s durability and quality. These panels are used in various sectors, including residential and commercial units, including private roofs and walls, food processing units, commercial kitchens, agricultural facilities, schools, breweries, washrooms, meat packaging units, and medical facilities…etc. Our PVC boards are industry-driven and possess uncompromising quality.

Simple installation process

Trusscore panels are available in white and grey color; the lighter shades make the interior look brighter. The panels are light-reflective; they can distribute the reflected light equally. This further helps to reduce the energy bills, and that’s a long-term saving. The installation process is very simple; you do not require backers or any other additional materials. Only one contractor is sufficient for a timely installation.

You can customize your length

PVC panels are available in varying lengths like 10″, 12″, 16″, 20″, and the width remains the same. You can also customize your own measurements. The three-sided ribs in the inner sides are pressed out between the two countenances. The internal ribs have strength and sturdiness. This could be a viable method to accomplish direct wall panels that don’t cost a lot. Trusscore panels are ASTM, USDA, AFIA-certified, and FDA-compliant.

Install vinyl panels inside your brewery and it’s for a lifetime

Trusscore panels have a very long shelf-life; the panels can last for almost 140 years. Also, the panels can last for 40-45 years without repairs. So, the price you pay for PVC panels is a one-time investment and worth it. Trusscore PVC panels do not require any heavy maintenance; here, you can again save costs. Clean the panels occasionally with a damp cloth and a mild soap, or you can dust with a soft dry cloth. This helps in maintaining a hygienic brewery or beverage production unit.

Do you own a brewery, or planning to have one?

We would recommend you to spend once and be assured for a lifetime. Vinyl panels are an alternative to plywood, drywall, lightweight plastic, stainless steel, and poster board. Please discuss your project requirements with us; our experts would help you to sail smoothly through it. We have worked with thousands of clients who are satisfied with our panels. Install Trusscore panels, experience damp-free interior, and generate better ROI.

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