Trusscore PVC panels are the solution to keeping away dampness and humidity from the walls and ceiling

Humidity and dampness can affect a surface by causing long-term damage. Industrial spaces that emit humidity and moisture should have a special covering on the walls and ceiling to prevent long-term damage. There are different types of panels available in the market and you choose the material based on your needs. Recently, the demand for water-resistant panels has been on the rise. PVC or poly vinyl chloride is used to manufacture high-quality premium panels with plenty of advantages. Vinyl panels can be a great choice for interiors where humidity takes a toll. These trusscore PVC panels can be customized based on your requirements, commercial setup and budget. 

PVC panels are a little expensive but worth

Did you hear that PVC panels come expensive? Yes, you heard it right and we are going to explain to you why it is worth investing in trusscore PVC panels from Duramax. Anyone would like a single-time investment instead of a recurring expenditure. PVC panels do not require any expensive maintenance or repairs post-installation. It is good to invest one time and not worry about repairs or maintenance. FRP panels cost a little less than PVC panels, but you need to spend money on frequent repairs and spend a lot more. FRP panels are not a one-time investment so it is not worth it. 

Vinyl panels have a longer shelf life

Trusscore PVC panels are available in 16” width and the length include 10”, 12” 16” and 20” based on your requirements. We offer customized solutions where you can choose the desired length. These panels last for 45-50 years without getting damaged or peeling off. Vinyl panels last for many years without any regular and daily maintenance. The panels have a smooth surface without crevices that do not attract a lot of dirt and impurities. Wash the panels when necessary but they do not soak in moisture. It is ideal for wiping the panels with a damp cloth and a light detergent. 

Trusscore PVC panels – a complete commercial solution

The Duramax panel makes your interior look professional and aesthetic. The functional and lightweight panels are suitable for commercial use. Duramax has been designing PVC panels for more than 40 years. We are renowned for designing premium PVC panels in the USA for industries including car washes, grow rooms, commercial kitchens, restaurants, riding stables and more. Trusscore PVC panels are a combination of technology and good quality material. PVC panels are waterproof, anti-mold, chemical-resistant and fireproof. The panels are AFIA, FDA, and USDA certified, meeting all the necessary standards. They are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. All the products are tested for quality before being shipped to your site. 

Final words

Vinyl Wall Panels is a solution for all your requirements. Save almost 40% on material costs and 50% of labor costs by investing in Duramax PVC panels. Invest in long-lasting Duramax panels and they do not stand the test of time, get your money back. Please get in touch with us for a free consultation. Refer to our website for more information on PVC panels. Ask for a free sample—request a no-obligation quote.