Trusscore PVC panels control moisture absorption into the walls and ceiling

Prolonged exposure to dampness and humidity can cause harm to the walls and the ceiling of your commercial space. This can hinder your business and lead to greater expenses. We suggest spending a little more and getting a permanent solution. Cover the walls and ceiling with waterproof panels available in the market. There are different types of panels available in the market. You are free to choose the one that suits your requirement. PVC panels are a solution to healing damp walls and ceilings. FRP panels and others have failed to offer solid, long-lasting protection. This is why Trusscore PVC panels are popular among business owners. Premium virgin PVC is used to manufacture high-quality affordable panels in the long run. 

Choose a renowned manufacturer

Many companies in the USA manufacture PVC panels but all of them do not have similar quality. They differ in thickness, which depends a lot on the raw vinyl used. Shortlist the renowned companies to do extensive research before you order panels. PVC panels seem to be most expensive compared to other wall coverings. It is worth initially investing a higher sum of money in vinyl panels because it is a single-time investment. The panels, once installed, do not delaminate, warp or get damaged. There are no expensive repairs or maintenance involved unlike other wall panels. The panels are customized according to your requirements. 

Quick installation and simple cleaning

PVC panels are attached to the studs directly and there are no backers. There are tongues and grooves for seamless installation. The panels can be installed inside a unit within 7-8 hours. A single contractor can complete the installation and hiring more than one expert will make the task faster. Vinyl panels do not require daily maintenance and cleaning. Use a damp cloth and a cleaning agent to wipe the panels clean. 

ASTM-certified PVC panels

The Duramax PVC Panels make your interior look professional and aesthetic. The lightweight panels are suitable for heavy commercial use. Duramax has been designing functional Trusscore PVC panels for more than 40 years. We are renowned for designing PVC panels in the USA for industries including car washes, grow rooms, commercial kitchens, restaurants, riding stables and more. Trusscore PVC panels are a result of technology and good quality material. PVC panels are waterproof, anti-mold, chemical-resistant and fireproof. The panels are AFIA and USDA certified. They are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. Duramax products are tested for quality before shipping to the site. 

Final words

There is no need to worry about humidity when you install PVC panels. The panels can last for a minimum of 40-45 years or even more. Save almost 40% on material costs and 50% of labor costs by investing in Duramax PVC panels. Our panels are long-lasting or you get your money back. Please get in touch with us for a free consultation. Refer to our website for more information on PVC panels and you can shop online from our inventory. Ask for a free sample—request a no-obligation quote.