Trusscore PVC panels – The ultimate solution to prevent wall and ceiling dampness

Trusscore panels made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are extremely prevalent in commercial sectors. Moist and wet environments need waterproof wall panels to counteract the damage done by excess humidity and moisture. Wall panels do not only protect the walls but also need to have the visual appeal of pristine professionalism. Trusscore PVC panels are the ideal choice for their durability, strength, resilience and water-resistant qualities. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Trusscore panels built with the unique Truss technology.

Durability – The biggest asset

The Trusscore panels are highly durable. Manufactured with 100% virgin vinyl, the panels can last for 40 years or even longer. The high-quality panels get recycled 7x times and have a total lifespan of around 140 years. The durable panels do not rust, rot, stain, or delaminate easily. In addition, the panels are moisture repellent and ensure 100% water resistance to keep the walls and ceilings dry.

Strength – A necessity

The vinyl panels are extremely strong and don’t peel off after a few years, unlike FRP. The panels have a tongue and groove system. The interlocking patterns ensure greater sturdiness and enhanced resistivity. In addition, the interlocking pattern provides a multi walling structure that enhances the strength of the wall panels. Vinyl panels are ideal for grow rooms, commercial kitchens, breweries, fisheries, restaurants, car wash garages and so on. The Trusscore PVC panels come with a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty.

Certified panels

High-quality vinyl panels are certified by recognized bodies. Trusscore panels are FDA-compliant, ASTM-certified and CFIA-certified. The vinyl panels also undergo a stringent quality check by the experts before they get dispatched to the customer. As a result, Trusscore vinyl panels meet the statutory building regulations in the USA and are ideal for commercial applications where quality is a predominant factor.

Hygienic is a priority

The pandemic might be on its way out, but hygiene is something that should still not get neglected. The Trusscore panels are antibacterial and resistant to molds, microbes, mildew, toxic chemicals and moisture. The panels are impermeable to debris, dirt, animal wastes and other filth. Hospitals, labs and medical clinics prefer to install PVC panels for their hygienic features. The vinyl panels are super easy to maintain. Wiping the panels with a damp cloth and detergent is enough to maintain its flawless and seamless appearance.


With a Class A fire rating, the PVC panels are extremely resistant to flames and prevent fire accidents. The flame spread index of the fire-resistant panels is 15 and the smoke-developed index is 450. The fire-resistivity quality ensures that the panels can protect the application from unprecedented events. Commercial kitchens, food processing units, Marinas, Laundromats are commercial applications where PVC panels with fire resistivity are necessary.

Cost-effective panels

Trusscore PVC panels are durable and easy to maintain. Unlike FRP, the panels are not susceptible to callbacks and don’t require additional materials or skilled labor for their installation. PVC panels come in DIY kits with an installation guide. In addition, the lightweight panels are simple to install with studs and hidden fasteners. As a result, PVC wall paneling is a cost-effective solution for the long run.

Final Thoughts

Vinyl Wall Panels offer customized Trusscore wall paneling. The panels get dispatched from the factory and reach the destination within two weeks. Request a quote now. Get reverted within a day.