Trusscore PVC panels use nanotechnology and quality to keep residential and commercial interiors moist-free

Trusscore is taking commercial and residential construction to a new level. This technology is a combination of superior-quality materials with nanotechnology. Vinyl wall and ceiling panels manufactured implementing this technology fight humidity to keep the interior free from dampness. PVC panels are widely accepted for the numerous advantages it has compared to other types of wall panels. 

Solid performance and 3 times faster installation 

Our vinyl walls and ceiling panels are high-performance substitutes for fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP), traditional dry walls, or tiles. These panels are made from 100% virgin vinyl which is the purest form. This gives additional durability to the panels. At Vinyl Wall Panels, we are passionate about bringing the most efficient wall paneling solution to your doorstep within your budget. Our vinyl panels can render a beautiful appearance and offer better performance. 

Our trusscore PVC panels are easy to install, which means the installation procedure is 3 times faster than other existing alternatives. 

Panels manufactured maintaining the USA building codes

The uses include home garages and workshops and commercial projects, including hospitality venues, restaurants and offices, and agricultural uses from barns, indoor grow rooms, etc. We have a team of expert engineers who strive to ensure that the wall panels are an advanced material science invention. The result is that the finished products are durable and sustainable. Trusscore PVC panels are water-resistant, hence suitable for moisture-filled interiors. The wall and ceiling boards meet and go beyond the USA’s new hygiene construction and statutory building codes. 

Tongues and grooves for a seamless installation

Trusscore panels are ASTM-certified, FDA-compliant and quality-checked before they are delivered to the clients. This is a superior solution as the truss-design vinyl panels offer industry-leading strength and durability. The products are made of strong polymer formulation that comprises fact sheets, a core, and a triangular cross-sectional shape. The panels have a tongue and groove interlocking pattern for super-fast installation. 

Light-reflective PVC panels 

Vinyl panels have a smooth surface that does not attract micro-organisms. The panel is grey; they do not warp or delaminate under any circumstances. Now save on your monthly energy bills by installing light-reflective Trusscore panels. The PVC panels also save a considerable amount of labor and material costs compared to other wall panels. 

Impermeable and non porous vinyl panels 

We are operating in the USA, where vinyl panels are a popular solution. Homes and businesses spend a lot of the interior, especially when you install wall panels. Do not fear reconstructing if you have installed PVC panels. Vinyl panels are extremely long-lasting; they can last for many years, close to 140 years. Also, the panels do not require any repairs for almost 40-45 years. It is practically a one-time investment that renders long-term protection to the walls and ceiling. 

The vinyl panels are available in ½ inch thickness. The width is 16, and the length can vary among 10″, 12″, 16″, and 20″. We also customize the size according to your requirements. PVC is impermeable and non-porous. The vinyl panels have a Class A fire rating as per ASTM E84-18 Standard Test Method.

Discuss your project requirements 

Please discuss your requirements with us and get vinyl panels installed. Visit our website to know more, get your project measured and request a quote.