Trusscore PVC Wall Panels: One-time Investment, Life-time Solution

You can use Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) panels as a cladding material for your commercial and residential buildings. PVC is a lightweight and strong plastic material used to make panels of various lengths, sizes, colors, and designs. These panels have a shiny, smooth surface and a hollow core. As they are waterproof, PVC panels are great substitutes for traditional mineral fiber ceilings such as gypsum and POP in basements, bathrooms, balconies, and other moisture-laden areas. Trusscore PVC panels combine nanotechnology with sustainable materials. These PVC-based ceiling and wall panels are the best replacements for conventional fiber-reinforced and drywall plastic panels and can also be installed easily.

Are The PVC Panels Worth It?

There are several advantages of installing these panels:


Quick And Easy Installation

As PVC panels come in many designs, it is quite easy to install them. As per your requirement, you can cut these panels into any shape. Since they are lightweight and easy to handle, manual work becomes less taxing.


Strong Material

PVC panels have great mechanical strength and toughness. The lightness of these panels provides the construction sector stability.



One of the main benefits of PVC panels is their water resistance capacity. Many people prefer to have them installed in their bathrooms and kitchens. As these panels repel water, they will save your ceilings and walls from any damage. This would help you preserve their quality and increase their lifetime. The water-resistant feature of PVC panels makes them easier to maintain compared to POP. You can remove stains and dust from the panels without damaging them.



PVC panels are popular as they are resistant to rust, fire, oxidation, and other types of shock. As these panels are durable, they will protect your buildings and homes for a long time. Additionally, they will also enhance the appearance and beauty of your ceilings and walls.



You can recycle PVC panels in a plastic recycling factory. Factories can also create new useful and efficient products from recycled PVC panels.


Fire Retardant

Usually, plastic easily burns when it comes in contact with fire. However, an incredible feature of these panels is that they can resist fire. In contrast to other plastic products, PVC panels are hard to burn as they contain a high amount of chlorine. So to protect your building or house from fire, you can get PVC panels installed in them.


Conditions For Installation

There are certain conditions for the installation of PVC panels for walls and ceilings:

  • Before installing the Trusscore panels, you need to ensure that your ceiling and walls are in good condition.
  • The walls need to be dry when the PVC panels are being installed. The panels are meant to protect the walls from getting wet. Nevertheless, moisture needs to be temporarily removed from the walls during installation.
  • The surrounding area’s temperature should not exceed 60 degrees.

Vinyl Wall Panels offers Trusscore Wall & Ceiling Board that are suitable for ceiling and wall applications and are ideal alternatives to Stainless steel paneling, Lightweight PVC siding, Fiber Reinforced Panels, Plasterboard, Tiled concrete, Plywood, and Drywall. You can install these PVC panels in cleanrooms and wet environments.