Trusscore Vinyl panels have reached great heights in the sphere of commercial and residential building and construction

There are many ways to get rid of moisture, and you might have tried most of them out. Well, moisture takes a backseat, but the process is all continuous and tedious. If you have a commercial interior that collects a lot of humid air, it is time to think of a concrete solution. If you implement wall panels around the walls and ceiling, single droplet moisture will not seep through the panels. But what material should you choose? All wall panels are not made of the same material. Choose a material that has the power to repel moisture. 

Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about vinyl panels or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) panels. These are ideal for residential and commercial use, and they have taken construction to a whole new level. Trusscore PVC panels are manufactured combining nanotechnology and high-quality materials. Vinyl panels involve the use of truss technology which is an advanced method of manufacturing vinyl panels. Trusscore panels are extremely durable that work as solid protection for the walls and the ceiling. These panels do not absorb humidity, unlike brick-mortar materials. 

Trusscore panels have a high redundancy

Trusscore PVC panels have a higher redundancy where the panels can offer extreme resistance against moisture, bacteria, weather and impacts. Vinyl panels are used in restaurants, garages, food processing, meat packaging, dairy farms, schools, breweries, workshops, barns, restaurants, grow rooms, and hospitality units…etc. Trusscore panels showcase an exceptional performance. The quality of our panels is unparalleled. The products are checked and then shipped to your site. PVC panels are made from durable polymer formulation comprising an insulated core, face sheets and a triangular cross-sectional shape. 

PVC panels have a Class a fire rating which can keep sudden fire hazards at bay. Trusscore panels are made from the finest quality virgin vinyl which tends to offer a smooth surface. 

The panels can lower energy bills

We have white and grey shade panels available at our store. You can also customize posts discussing your requirements with us. PVC panels can lower your energy bills which is a big advantage. Now, why are the PVC panels light-reflective? The panels can equally distribute the reflected light. There is more light formed by installing a lesser number of artificial lights. 

Hire a trained local contractor 

A trained contractor would take on a few hours to install Trusscore PVC panels. The installation takes place 3x faster than any other wall panels, especially FRP. PVC panels also have interlocking grooves and tongues for faster installation. The panels keep the interior dry and can control odor to keep the interior hygienic. 

Long-lasting vinyl panels 

Vinyl panels are long-lasting. They can go up to 100-140 years. Also, the panels do not require any repairs for almost 40-45 years. It is a long-time investment for your walls and ceiling. Trusscore panels have a very smooth surface which is simple to clean and does not promote bacterial growth. The panels do not have any creases. 


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