Trusscore vinyl panels prevent the growth of bacteria inside your residential or commercial interior

Vinyl panels are ideal for protecting your residential and commercial walls from excess humidity. Hence, we can consider that PVC panels can absorb moisture and prevent bacteria and mold growth inside. Quality is a very crucial factor as there are various types of vinyl panels. Trusscore is modern science that is implemented along with superior quality vinyl. Trusscore PVC panels are 100% water-resistant; they can also withstand high pressure and impact.

Trusscore panels have an interlocking system for easy installation. If you intend to install PVC panels for residential use, choose the vertical and flat ones. The top-quality vinyl face sheets are designed from high-quality PVC material. Inside the panel, there are 3-sided ribs pressed out between the faces. The internal ribs of the panel exist together, simple to install, and easy to maintain. Trusscore panels’ uses include home garages and workshops and commercial projects, including hospitality venues, restaurants, offices, and agricultural uses from barns, indoor grow rooms, etc.

Low maintenance PVC panels

Trusscore panels have a very long shelf-life. Sometimes, the panels can last for more than 100 years with minimal maintenance. Usually, PVC panels do not require any maintenance for 40-45 years. Also, the cleaning process is inexpensive, and daily maintenance is not needed. Wipe the panels with water and a light soap to keep them clean for at least a fortnight or more. The panels post-installation do not require repairs or replacements.

Save more on energy bills

Trusscore PVC panels are white and grey; these lighter shades make the interior look bright and clean. The panels distribute the light equally; you can save on your energy bills, helping you save money in the long-term. PVC panels are durable, so you do not have to worry about the repairing costs.

100% virgin vinyl and ASTM certified panels

Trusscore panels are made from 100% virgin vinyl. This makes the panels strong and intense. The vinyl panels are manufactured, maintaining the USA standards of quality and construction laws. Our vinyl walls and ceiling panels are high-performance substitutes for fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP), traditional dry walls, or tiles. Trusscore panels are ASTM-certified, FDA-compliant, and quality-checked before they are delivered to the clients.

We customize according to your requirements

The company has an expert team that can customize panels according to your requirements. Discuss the size, type, and thickness of panels you are looking for. Only one contractor can easily install the panels; it takes only a few hours to complete the entire installation.

Smooth surface is an advantage

Trusscore PVC panels have a sleek and smooth surface; this is why they are resistant to dirt and debris. The surface is unfavorable for bacterial growth. The panels are impermeable and non-porous, and also have a Class A fire rating which is according to the ASTM E84-18 Standard Test Method.

Vinyl panels are popular in the USA

Vinyl panels are now a popular solution in the USA, and we cater to a lot of clients looking for quality and affordability. If you have a project, get in touch with us for a consultation. Get your Trusscore PVC panels today. Request for a quote now and ask for a free sample panel.