Trusscore vinyl panels used by the commercial sector in the USA

Vinyl panels are heavily used in the commercial sector for interior and exterior insulation. Research says that around three-quarters of the vinyl manufactured goes into the building sector. Trusscore PVC panels are the perfect alternative to plywood, drywall, plasterboard, tiled concrete, FRP, stainless steel panels. Vinyl panels are the second most produced plastic in the world.

Invest in certified vinyl panels 

Vinyl is capable of protecting the environment by emitting a lower amount of greenhouse gas and helps in the conservation of energy. In this blog, we shall discuss the various advantages of trusscore PVC panels. All vinyl panels are not of the same quality; it varies from one manufacturer to the other. Duramax is one of the leading manufacturers of vinyl panels. We design trusscore vinyl panels that are a result of combining creativity, quality and science. 

ASTM- certified vinyl panels 

Trusscore vinyl panels meet and go beyond the modern building and statutory building codes in the United States. They are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. In addition, Trusscore PVC panels come with a limited lifetime warranty. The panels are available in grey color that comes in ½ inch thickness, which is available in 16’’ x 10’, 12’, 16’, 20’ or in customized lengths. 

100% waterproof trusscore panels 

Duramax panels are made from 100% virgin vinyl which makes the panels durable and resistant. Vinyl panels are waterproof and have a mold-resistant capability. The panels have grooves and tongues in interlocking patterns for greater resistivity. The interlocking pattern features a multiwall structure offering more durability and strength. Our panels are used in grow rooms, car washes, commercial kitchens, breweries, stables, fisheries, meat processing units, and more. 

Long-lasting vinyl panels 

Trusscore vinyl panels are designed using a strong polymer formulation that includes face sheets, an insulated core made of adjoining tubes, and an equilateral triangle with a cross-sectional shape. Trusscore PVC panels are long-lasting which can last for many years. The vinyl panels have a shelf-life of almost 100-140 years. PVC panels can last for 40-50 years with scanty maintenance. The panels are very easy to clean and do not require regular maintenance. You can wash the panels easily without worrying about water absorption. 

PVC panels are a worthy investment

Many are eager to know about the cost of Trusscore PVC panels. Yes, vinyl panels are a little expensive compared to FRP panels. However, it is worth spending a little more on long-lasting panels. FRP panels are slightly less expensive but the low-cost factor should sway you. It is a better option to invest in a long-term solution. It is a better option to take off those old FRP panels and install new PVC panels. 

Final words

Connect with us if you are planning to install Trusscore vinyl panels? We design affordable vinyl panels in the USA that are recyclable. Discuss your requirements with the team. Book a free consultation and ask for a free sample—request for a quote.