Using Trusscore vinyl panels for commercial and residential interiors

Humidity and moisture can slowly damage the walls and ceiling if not taken care of on time. We specialize in manufacturing vinyl panels suitable for commercial and residential interiors. Wall panels are a very popular solution in the USA. There are various types of wall paneling material available in the market. But vinyl panels have their unique advantages.

The innovative Truss technology:

Our vinyl panels are designed by implementing the Trusscore technology. This technology is a combination of science and quality. The truss technology makes the panels even more durable and longer-lasting. Trusscore panels are waterproof. Our panels do not attract or absorb dampness at all. So, this is the best possible coverage for moisture-filled interiors. 

High-quality vinyl panels: 

How would you deal with humidity and moisture inside your commercial or residential space? Cover the walls and ceiling with vinyl wall panels. There are various types of wall panels

available in the market, but vinyl has the most advantages. The panels are quality assured, and ASTM certified. We have a team of experts to check the quality before they are delivered to the clients. We stress enough about doing complete online research about vinyl panels before you invest. 

Why FRP when you have PVC for a lifetime?

A lot of clients do come to us complaining that FRP panels are delaminating or getting damaged. Now, what is the solution? Get the FRP panels replaced one last time. This time PVC panels would last for a lifetime. The panels can last for 40-45 years with little maintenance. 

Trusscore vinyl wall panels do not have backers, unlike FRP. This is the most important factor because this is the reason why the panels do not attract moisture. This is why the panels remain in good condition along with the walls. But FRP wall panels have backers that soak in a lot of moisture resulting in humidity and bacterial formation. The backers are made of OSB, Drywall, or Plywood, and it attracts which travels into the walls and damages. 

Certified panels used across various sectors:

Trusscore Vinyl Wall Panels are used in residential walls and ceiling, agricultural facilities, meat packaging plants, food processing, car washes, schools, marinas, healthcare facilities,

commercial kitchens, bathrooms, supermarkets, laundries, and laboratories etc. 

Non-porous and impermeable vinyl panels:

The vinyl panels are available in ½ inch thickness. The width is 16, and the length can vary among 10″, 12″, 16″, and 20″. We also customize as per your requirements. The panels come in white and grey color which makes the interior bright. Trusscore vinyl panels are impermeable, non-porous, and chemical resistant. The vinyl panels have a Class A fire rating as per ASTM

E84-18 Standard Test Method. Our engineers maintain the hygienic guidelines and the local building codes in the USA. 

Final words:

Trusscore panels have a clean and smooth surface. It does not attract any bacteria or microorganisms. PVC panels are light-reflective so that you can save on your monthly energy bills. 

Please discuss your requirements with us and get PVC panels installed. Visit our website to know more and request a quote.