Vinyl is now heavily used for manufacturing vinyl wall and ceiling panels

Do you know that vinyl is the second-most popular plastic in the world? PVC is now used to make pipes and wall and ceiling panels for commercial and residential use. Vinyl is now one of the leading materials that are being used for manufacturing wall panels. It is the greatest alternative to drywall, plywood, plasterboard, mineral fiber, stainless steel, and tiles. Vinyl does not have any disadvantage compared to all other wall paneling materials.   

A lot of companies in the USA are manufacturing vinyl wall and ceiling panels for industrial use. The quality and the manufacturing technique slightly differ from one manufacturer to another. It is very important to look for a renowned manufacturer. Vinyl Wall Panels use advanced truss technology to manufacture Trusscore panels. Our engineers combine excellent craftsmanship and high-end technology. We manufacture premium PVC panels that are made from virgin vinyl and have waterproofing properties. Our trusscore panels are used across industries like car washes, commercial kitchens, food processing units, grow rooms, fisheries, schools, and more. 

Modern and certified vinyl panels

The vinyl panels are ASTM-certified and FDA-compliant. They meet the advanced manufacturing standards that are approved by the state bodies. The thickness of the panels is ½ inch, 16″ width, and you can choose the length among 10″, 12″, 16″, 20″ or customize the length as per your requirements. You can choose between grey or white color. Lighter color panels make the inside look cleaner and adequately lit up. Trusscore panels can help you save a good amount of energy bills. The panels are light-reflective, which means the panels can equally distribute the reflected light, which helps to save on your energy bills.  

Are you in a fix about choosing vinyl or FRP panels? 

The primary factor is that FRP panels are low in cost but not suitable for humid interiors. FRP panels have backers that draw a lot of humidity which gives birth to mold and bacteria. The FRP panels delaminate due to prevailing dampness, and the walls are finally exposed and damaged. The cost you incurred in installing FRP panels becomes futile and you require investing again for the same. Don’t you think it is a double investment? Do not be tempted to invest in FRP panels only due to the low cost. The expenses of maintaining FRP wallboard are pretty high and still you cannot avoid replacement.

Regular maintenance not needed yet the panels can last long

 Vinyl panels is a little expensive initially, but it is a long-term solution. The panels remain almost as good as new for about 40-45 years or sometimes even more. Trusscore vinyl panels do not require daily maintenance. Wipe the panels with a damp cloth and soap occasionally to keep them clean. Trusscore panels gave immense resistance and high redundancy. PVC panels have interlocking tongues and grooves for better tolerance. 

Finally, to conclude

This blog gives you a lot of information about the advantages of Trusscore vinyl panels. It is a good read for those who are planning to install vinyl panels. Visit our website for more information on commercial and residential vinyl panels. Get a 10 years limited warranty on our panels and request a quote.