Vinyl wall panels made of truss technology are superior in every way

Vinyl panels are a very popular solution for commercial and residential interiors to curb the effect of dampness and excess moisture. Dampness is dangerous due to its impact on walls and ceilings. So, how about finding a solution that can keep the interiors free from all the moisture and act as a protective covering? Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about vinyl panels. In this blog, we shall discuss how these panels are being used in meat packaging units. 

Vinyl panels can offer insulation

When you hear of “meat packaging”, you think of flesh, blood, stains, smell, and how to retain the meat’s freshness. So, many things need to be taken care of because storing raw meat requires a proper environment. Raw meat is very much affected by bacteria; therefore, insulation is also of no less importance. Vinyl wall panels effectively retain the cold inside, which is very important for meat packaging. So, vinyl panels can also offer the right amount of insulation. 

Long-lasting panels used across various sectors

Vinyl is the right choice because it’s waterproof; this material can keep walls and panels dry for years. Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard PVC panels add to the durability; the truss technology ensures the panels bear extreme strength and are long-lasting. Vinyl Wall Panels are also used in residential walls and ceiling, agricultural facilities, commercial kitchens, food processing, car washes, healthcare facilities, schools, bathrooms, supermarkets, and more. There are various other sectors where our panels are preferred.

Panels made in USA and Canada

We have our unit in the USA and Canada; vinyl is very popular here and a solution that can deal with excess moisture. Practically we understand that you spend a lot on that, and reconstructing is almost impossible when you invest in a venture. So, it’s indeed a better idea to spend on wall panels. We can assure you that it’s a one-time investment and the results are for the long-term. The panels do not lose their capability even if years pass by. Our panels can last for more than 40-50 years without getting damaged at all. Also, the panels do not seem to look old. Also, the surface is so smooth that it does not attract dust or debris. The surface is super smooth, so it’s not an ideal spot for bacteria or mold to thrive. 

Grooves and interlocking mechanism

Our panels are top-class and industry-leading, made of the highest quality PVC (polyvinyl chloride). These panels have tongue and grooves with an interlocking system; this makes horizontal and vertical installation easy. You do not require investing in any additional material or even hire more than one contractor for a quick installation.

Customize the length of the panels

Our products are ASTM certified, and they meet all the necessary standards. The panels are made of durable and robust polymer formulation with face sheets and a core, made of adjoining tubes with an equilateral triangle. Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard face sheets are designed from PVC panels that are extruded. Vinyl wall panels are available in 16″ width, and the length can vary among 10″, 16″, 20″ and you can also customize the size.

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