Why Are PVC Panels the Best Choice for Food-Grade Processing Facilities?

Why Are PVC Panels the Best Choice for Food-Grade Processing Facilities?

Whether you are a fresh or an experienced entrepreneur running a food business, sanitation and hygiene service are some primary things to consider to ensure you provide quality food products.

At Duramax, we offer products that help and support hundreds of food manufacturing industries to make sure that their products are properly stored and processed in their respective facilities. And when we talk about facilities, we also look at the inside condition.
What makes a good food processing and storage facility?


Our team has handled and assessed several clients and their wall cladding needs in food processing plants and storage, apart from homeowners requesting quotations for their wall renovations at home. Check out some of our works here.


We know you are looking for quality and technologically-advanced material wall panels for your business. Duramax Wall Panels is designed for the hygienic, low-maintenance, and durable environment needed by food storage and processing as commercial facilities—our PVC Wall and Ceiling Panels ticks all the boxes. You can read more of its advantages in this link.


Many contractors have featured and can testify that Duramax Products are indeed the best wall paneling to use for your food-processing business or anything really. May it be wall panels for an indoor grow room, apartment buildings, bathrooms, gyms, or food processing facilities! Duramax Trusscore wall panels will not disappoint you. Get the wall paneling system that is worth it and will surely last you a long time that contractors surely recommend. Read more about what the contractors are saying:


Duramax Wall Panels are designed to keep the moisture away from your facility, preventing molds and bacteria from growing, causing food spoilage and contamination. Its installation is simple and easy. It does not require lots of adhesive and even wood backer. Duramax PVC Wall and Ceiling Panels are stand-alone claddings.

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