Why experts recommend installing Trusscore vinyl wall and ceiling panels

Vinyl panels are installed inside residential and commercial to keep the interior moisture-free. Vinyl panels are an extremely popular solution in the USA to curb the humidity level. These panels are available in various qualities. Trusscore vinyl panels are manufactured from truss technology which is a combination of science and excellence. Vinyl wall panels use 100% virgin vinyl; hence the panels are durable. There are various types of wall panels available in the market, but none have such advantages as vinyl. This is why PVC is becoming the most preferred wall or ceiling paneling choice. 

We customize vinyl panels 

We offer customized solutions to our clients when you discuss your requirements with us. The panels are ASTM-certified and FDA-compliant. They are tested and then shipped to your site. The panels meet and even exceed the hygienic construction and the legal codes in the USA. We have many clients who are already content with the quality of products we design, and many still wish to invest post consultation. 

Panels made of durable polymer formula 

Trusscore vinyl panels are popularly used to safeguard residential moist walls and ceiling, used in food processing, agricultural facilities, car washes, marinas, school, meat packaging units, commercial kitchens, healthcare facilities, supermarkets, bathrooms, laundries, and laboratories. Our engineers show their creativity while designing the panels. The panels are made of durable polymer formula consisting of a core and face sheet. The panels are made of attached tubes with a triangular cross-sectional shape. Extruded vinyl is used to manufacture face sheets.

Smooth panels require low maintenance

One of the biggest benefits of vinyl is its low maintenance requirement. This is why most customers agree to install vinyl panels. What else do you want when you can install a long-lasting and low-maintenance panel on the walls and ceiling? The surface of PVC is smooth, so it does not let bacteria or dirt stick to it. Trusscore panels require occasional cleaning with light soap and water. There is no need to devote excess time or put in effort or money in regular cleaning. 

Spend once and it’s a solution for a lifetime

Also, vinyl panels can go a long way; it’s a lifetime solution. Can you imagine the panels do not require any repairs for almost 40-45 years? Spend a little more for once, and you have a long-term solution ready. Do not doubt whether it’s the right investment because there is no other material as long-lasting vinyl. 

No backers means no moisture 

Trusscore vinyl panels do not require backers for a successful installation. The absence of backers is indeed a boon as humidity cannot penetrate the panels or even damage the walls. The panels are attached directly to the studs and do not require any extra material or labor for installation. One expert contractor is sufficient for the installation. 

Order yours

Choose between grey and white, order vinyl panels, and it will be shipped safely to your doorstep. The non-porous panels are resistant to fire, humidity, and chemicals. Please visit our website for more information. Choose to have an expert consultation.