Why should you choose Trusscore vinyl panels for your residential or commercial insides?

What could be the most affordable and modern way to cover up walls to prevent dampness from affecting them? Wall panels have existed for years, but not all material is suitable for humid insides. Vinyl is a recent invention and is preferred because of its waterproof characteristics. The popularity of vinyl panels is increasing as it is being used for residential and commercial purposes.

The interlocking pattern of the Trusscore panels

Trusscore PVC panels have greater resistivity mainly because of their structure. The vinyl panels have interlocking grooves and tongues for better resistance. The interlocking pattern helps to feature a multiwall structure that offers more strength and durability. The vinyl panel’s surface is smooth without any cervices, which is not favorable for bacterial growth. The panels can endure shocks, pressure, impact, and abuse without suffering any wear and tear.

ASTM certified and FDA complaint

The panels are ASTM-certified and FDA-compliant; also the panels are quality-assured before they are shipped to your location. Trusscore panels are manufactured implementing the truss technology, which is a combination of science and quality. The vinyl panels are made from 100% pure vinyl; they are resistant to water, heat, cold, chemicals, and fire. The panels have a class A fire rating and a 1-hour fire grade that forbids sudden fire hazards.

Scope of customization available

Trusscore panels are made of two layers on the outer side and a core in the middle made of PVC. Also, the panels have ribs that form an interlocking framework. This offers more rigidity to the panels. The vinyl panels do not allow any water or moisture infiltration, which helps maintain the interior’s hygiene. Vinyl wall panels are available in 16″ width, and the length can vary among 10″, 16″, 20″, and you can also customize the length according to your requirements.

Our vinyl panels are light-reflective

Trusscore panels are available in grey and white color. The lighter shades can offer more brightness inside. The panels are light-reflective; they can equally distribute the reflected light. This can help you to save on your energy bills.

Low-maintenance vinyl panels

Nothing seems to be easier than cleaning vinyl panels. We manufacture low-maintenance vinyl panels. You do not require cleaning the panels regularly; occasional cleaning is sufficient. The cleaning could even take less than five minutes, wipe with light soap and water to keep the panels shining.

Hassle-free installation

PVC installation is inexpensive and hassle-free; only one contractor can complete the installation process. Hire a trained local contractor for the installation process, and it would be completed within a few hours. Vinyl panels are a solution for all your requirements; Trusscore panels can make your home or commercial interior beautiful.

Long-lasting vinyl panels

These panels can last for more than 40 years, so that they could be an investment for a lifetime. Trusscore PVC panels can remain in great condition for 40-45 years without much maintenance and repairs.

Final words

Please discuss your project with us; we offer quotes that are based on your project requirements. Talk to our team and request a quote.