Why should you install trusscore panels and not invest in Drywall?

Are you worried about your commercial interior getting affected by moisture and dampness? Cover the walls and ceiling with waterproof Trusscore PVC panels. These are premium vinyl panels manufactured using truss technology, a combination of science and flawless design. Trusscore panels are manufactured implementing nanotechnology. These are high in performance compared to Drywall, Plywood and FRP. The Trusscore engineers are passionate about researching and bringing material science into products for superb and flawless performance. The applications include offices, restaurants, commercial kitchens, grow rooms, hospitality venues, hospitals, fisheries, stables, breweries, etc. 

Why not invest in Drywall?

Based on the estimates, about 75% of Drywall goes into the landfills, creating 25% to 40% approx. This material decomposes, becomes smelly and produces hydrogen sulfide gas. Trusscore PVC panels are non-toxic and are 100% recyclable. Trusscore vinyl panels are lightweight, water-resistant and four-time easier to install compared to Drywall. PVC panels offer fantastic performance with about 55% lower the cost of ownership. Drywall has a popularity of 100 years but it has lost to vinyl in terms of longevity. PVC panels can last for more than 40-50 years and sometimes 100 years even. Whereas Drywall cannot endure moisture, the panels delaminate within a few years. 

PVC panels installation is faster and affordable

Drywall installation is expensive and follows a complex process involving more than one person. Various additional materials are required for the installation. On the other hand, PVC installation is a smooth and simple process where no additional materials are needed. The panels are attached to the studs without backers and they have interlocking tongues and grooves. Trusscore panels are designed for ease and a sustainable future.

The surface of the Drywall is rough so cleaning is not easy. Trusscore PVC panels have a smooth surface that is easy to clean as it attracts the least impurities. Wipe the panels with soap and water to keep them shining. You cannot wash Drywall as it absorbs moisture to create dampness. But, PVC panels can be washed without worrying about such issues.   

Why choose Duramax PVC panels?

Duramax PVC Panels is one of the biggest manufacturers of vinyl panels in the USA. The panels are 100% waterproof and made from pure vinyl. The PVC panels are 100% waterproof and coated with an anti-mold coating. They are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. They are chemical-resistant and have a Class A 1-hour fire rating. Visit our store in person to see and feel the quality of our materials.

You can compare the trusscore samples for a better sense of color and style suitable for your next project. We have executives and consultants offering customized solutions. Please visit our website for more information. In addition, we have the material estimator tool for better project planning. Investing in vinyl panels ensures that you can save almost 40% on material costs and 50% labor costs. 

Final words

Drywall is not an option; the choice is clear because only a PVC panel is suitable for most commercial interiors. Get in touch with us and request a quote.