Why should you install trusscore PVC panels inside a laboratory?

A laboratory is a space for chemicals, odor and reaction. The interior of it should be durable enough to endure the harshness. You cannot keep the walls bare or even choose emulsion paints, gloss paints, drywall, plywood and tiles. Water-resistant and chemical-resistant wall and ceiling coverings are ideal. It is not hard to find such a material, but one single material fits into the criteria. Pure vinyl is used to manufacture trusscore PVC panels that are used across the entire industrial sector. Unfortunately, all vinyl panels do not have a similar quality because it varies from one manufacturer to another. 

Trusscore PVC panels defined

This is why trusscore panels have been invented by Duramax engineers. They are premium PVC panels designed by implementing advanced truss technology, a result of science and expert craftsmanship. Vinyl panels are an alternative to all other types of wall coverings. This kind has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its numerous advantages. The vinyl panels are 100% waterproof, durable and have flexibility. The waterproof panels are mold and bacteria-resistant because they have an anti-mold coating. In addition, trusscore PVC panels have a smooth surface that does not attract impurities and allows bacteria to survive beneath the surface. 

Simple installation and inexpensive maintenance

The toughness quotient of PVC panels adds up to the cost-effectiveness. The panels are easy to maintain because daily cleaning is not required. Wipe the panels with a damp cloth and soap to keep the interior clean. You can wash the panels without fearing moisture absorption. PVC panels are easy to sterilize and the anti-static property keeps contaminants out. The installation process is smooth and inexpensive. The panels are attached to the studs without any backers. No additional materials are required for the installation so there is no extra cost. The panels have interlocking grooves for easy installation. One experienced local contractor can install panels around the interior within 7-8 hours. Vinyl panels require the least cleaning and maintenance. Wipe them with a damp cloth and little soap to keep the shine and hygiene intact.

ASTM certified vinyl panels 

Trusscore wall panels are an ideal way to segregate the laboratory space. We can customize panels according to your requirements and budget. The panels are environment-friendly, recyclable and free from any toxicity. Duramax has been renowned for manufacturing PVC panels for the past 40 years or even more. The PVC panels are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. PVC panels might cost you slightly higher compared to FRP panels or any other. The cost is justified because it is a single-time investment. It is good to spend one single time and be assured about not worrying about further repairs. 

Final words

PVC panels are used in vehicle wash places, kitchens, bathrooms, restrooms, food processing units, grow rooms, schools, restaurants, etc. They are checked for quality before it is shipped to your location. For more information related to PVC panels, please visit our website. Then, request a quote and ask for your free sample.