Why should you install Trusscore vinyl panels inside your humid basement?

Space is very precious where people are most of the time looking for it. This is how the popularity of the basement came into existence. Most of the homes in the USA are equipped with a spacious basement. Usually, basements are prone to getting damp, which spoils the interior, including the walls and ceiling. So, it would help if you worked on it so that the basement remains worth using. Installing wall and ceiling coverings is the most efficient way to control the dampness. Different materials are used for wall coverings, but only moisture-resistant panels are ideal for the basement. Vinyl is used in commercial and residential humid interiors. 

FRP vs PVC – something which you must know 

Now you might be thinking about why we say that vinyl is a popular solution for damp interiors. Then why not FRP panels when it is also available in the market? FRP is fiber-reinforced plastic, but it fails to retain its water-resistant nature due to the necessity of the backers. Therefore, this is not a feasible solution for most interiors. The backers attract a lot of moisture, seeping into the panels and accumulating between the walls and panels. The panels delaminate, and the walls are also dampened. 

Now we will tell you how PVC is different and this little dissimilarity makes vinyl panels ideal for humid insides. PVC panels have no backers beneath the panels. The panels are attached to the studs directly. The panels do not attract any moisture and lead to bacteria formation. Instead, vinyl panels are efficient in protecting your walls and ceiling from all conditions. 

What is there in the Trusscore technology? 

Now it is important to know that all vinyl panels do not have similar quality. The manufacturing techniques, the quality of pure vinyl, and the manufacturing company’s expertise play a role. Vinyl Wall Panels company in the USA implements the Truss technology to manufacture Trusscore PVC panels. It is a modern technology that is born by combining the latest technology with quality manufacturing. 

Now it is time to know why you should choose Trusscore panels? These vinyl panels have excellent durability, which is incomparable. The Trusscore technique is implemented to add strength to the panels for better shelf-life. Trusscore PVC panels have grooves and tongues in interlocking patterns for greater resistivity. The interlocking pattern helps to feature a multiwall structure that offers more strength and durability.

Are PVC panels long-lasting? 

The next question that rings your mind is how long do these panels last? We can assure you that the Trusscore panels can last for a lifetime. The vinyl panels have a shelf life of almost 100-140 years, more than you can imagine. Generally, with scanty maintenance, the PVC panels can last for 40-50 years effortlessly. 

Pay a little more for a lifetime solution – Choose PVC 

There is no need to panic thinking of the cost factor because such lifetime panels do not cost a fortune. If you compare, vinyl panels are a little more expensive than FRP panels. But this should not keep you away from installing one. FRP panels are cheaper but require frequent expensive maintenance and before-time replacement. Don’t you think it is better to invest once for a long-term solution? Of course, it is. 

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