Why should you invest in long-lasting Trusscore panels?

Read this blog to discover the strength and durability of Trusscore. Whenever you need wall or ceiling panels that are low-maintenance and abuse-resistant, Trusscore panels have your job covered. Vinyl is a popular waterproof material that is used to shield commercial interiors for better results. It is the solution when you are worried about the long-lasting effects of dampness. 

Trusscore panels are designed with a strong polymer formulation and are engineered to be an alternative to drywall, tiles or FRP panels. However, prolonged dampness can cause heavy damage that demands expensive repairs. Therefore, it would be better to invest slightly more and have PVC panels as a long-term solution. 

 The truss technology explained

Trusscore PVC panels are made using Truss technology which makes the panels durable and long-lasting. Vinyl panels are available in different designs and patterns. You can choose from two shades of panels – white and grey. The panels are made from 100% virgin vinyl which gives more strength to the panels. The panels are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. They contain a mold-resistant coating that keeps bacteria and microorganisms away. Our panels are industry-leading and are very popular in the USA. Trusscore panels are designed and manufactured adhering to the building codes in the USA. Unique truss design offers industry-leading strength to the panels. 

Long-lasting panels and timely installation

The vinyl face sheets are manufactured from the extracted vinyl. The inner sides have triangular ribs that are squeezed out between both faces. The inner ribs are known for their strength. Trusscore panels have a groove and tongue interlocking system that makes installation easy and quick. Installation is not tedious or expensive. One contractor can complete the process within 7-8 hours. Vinyl panels do not absorb moisture, hence do not delaminate. As a result, the panels are extremely long-lasting. They can remain in good condition for 40-45 years. Also, the panels do not have backers, which means they do not attract dampness and moisture.

Customized panels 

Trusscore vinyl panels are available in 16” width, and the length includes 10”, 12” 16” and 20”. The interior is hygienic and clean. Our panels have a Class A fire rating and ASTM E84-18 standard. You can get customized panels according to your requirements. The panels are non-porous, light-weight and recyclable. 

FRP panels are not suitable for moist interiors

It is worth investing more initially in a wall and ceiling covering that can last in good condition for a lifetime. If you are thinking of installing FRP panels due to the low cost, it would cost you more in the long run. FRP is not at all suitable for moist interiors. The panels have backers from where moisture seeps into the panels reaching the walls. The panels delaminate, and the walls get damaged soon. FRP panels need replacement only after a few years of installation, which is an additional expense. 

Do you have a project to complete? 

Our panels are used across industries, including grow rooms, car washes, commercial kitchens, meat packaging units, food processing units and more. Please visit the website for more information. Get in touch with us, refer to our website for a consultation, and ask for a free sample.