A Superior Solution

The unique truss design of Duramax PVC Panels provides industry-leading strength and durability.

Duramax PVC Panels panels are made in North America

It meets and exceeds modern hygienic construction and statutory building codes in the United States.
Duramax PVC Panels panels comes with Limited Lifetime Warranty. It is available in White and Grey color that comes in 1/2 inch thick panel available in 16” W x 10’, 12’, 16’, 20’ or custom lengths.
It is made of high-strength polymer formulation that consists of face sheets and a core, formed of adjoining tubes with an equilateral triangular cross-sectional shape. It has a tongue and groove interlocking system that makes installation quick and easy.

Duramax PVC Panels that works, yeah.

It is the perfect wall and ceiling panel, especially
during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

What we actually do

Duramax PVC Panels face sheets are made of extruded PVC vinyl. Inner triangular ribs are extruded between the two faces. The inner triangular ribs give superior strength while being a highly efficient way to get a durable inexpensive linear wall panel.
Duramax PVC Panels is made from 100% virgin PVC, Duramax PVC Panels’s tongue-and-groove interlocking system makes both vertical and horizontal installation quick and easy. Duramax PVC Panels panels are designed for interior applications, provide excellent light reflectance and will not yellow, delaminate, warp, or swell. These panels will last and stay looking good for years!
Trusscore PVC Panels

Residential walls and ceilings

Agricultural facilities

Food processing and meatpacking plants




Car washes


Healthcare facilities



Commercial kitchens and bathrooms